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Stress Management for Port Credit & South Mississauga

Symptoms of stress

effects of stressThe symptoms of stress can be physical or psychological. Stress-related physical illnesses result from long-term overstimulation of a part of the nervous system that regulates the heart rate, blood pressure, and digestive system. Stress-related emotional illness results from inadequate response to major life changing situations, such as marriage, completing one’s education, becoming a parent, losing a job, or retirement, etc. In the workplace, stress-related illness often takes the form of burnout—a loss of interest in or ability to perform one’s job due to long-term high stress levels.

Massage Therapy:
A Major Stress Reduction Strategy

How many sessions do I need to feel better?

Some people find amazing benefits during the first session; others take more time to settle in and fully receive the treatment. A proven fact about massage is that the more treatments you receive the more benefits you gain.

Lorne Park Massage Therapists have experience working with adrenal issues. Start by getting a few sessions with a therapist.

Your Massage Therapist will outline a personalized treatment plan to meet your short-term and long-term goals. Commit to a regular routine until you find your individual dose.

If the right provider, frequency, and plan are implemented, Massage Therapy can be an effective treatment for anxiety and adrenal issues. Plus, there are no negative side effects. That’s something we certainly can’t say about most of the drugs and traditional therapies used to treat mood disorders. Slow down and take the time to do something for you, visit Lorne Park Integrated Health to get a massage today!

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