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Mississauga Orthotics

Get back on your feet with custom orthotics

Orthotics are shoe inserts that can help correct irregular walking patterns. In short, they make standing, walking and running more comfortable and efficient by changing the angles at which the foot strikes a surface. They can help align the entire leg, many times helping with knee, hip or even lower back problems. Ultimately, patients use orthotics to improve foot function and minimize stress forces that could cause foot deformity or pain.

Orthotics are also extremely effective for children with foot deformities. Many pediatric physicians recommend providing these children with orthotics soon after they start walking to stabilize the foot. These orthotics can be worn in regular or athletic shoes.

During an orthotics appointment, the chiropractor will assess alignment, then take an impression of your feet that will be used to shape the orthotics. After a few weeks, your orthotics will be ready for you to pick up!

Orthotic inserts

Compression Hosiery

compression-socksCompression stockings and socks are a type of compression therapy. They are prescribed by physicians based on your needs. The functions are to promote blood flow and reduces swelling and pain.

Compression hosiery works by applying pressure to your legs and feet which can help with the following:

  • reducing diameter of veins by increasing volume and velocity of the blood
  • increases blood flow to the heart
  • prevents blood from refluxing to the foot or laterally to superficial veins

Benefits include:

  • improves lymphatic drainage
  • prevents deep vein thrombosis
  • reduces pain by varicose veins
  • decreases swelling, pain, and fatigue
  • prevents blood pooling
  • supports veins
  • increases circulation

Please call the clinic if you have questions or would like to purchase orthotics or compression hosieries.

Call our office to see if orthotics could help you.