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Naturopathy: A Natural Alternative for ADHD

An overwhelming number of children are diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, also called ADHD, each year. The symptoms, which include hyperactivity and poor concentration levels, pose developmental challenges for affected children and incessant worry for their parents. These challenges become even harder to overcome when the solutions offered seem only to include a vast array of prescription medication. As a result of potential side effects, many parents are hesitant about giving these medications to their children, especially at such a young age. Fortunately, when parents research other solutions, they often stumble upon a gentler, more natural and more effective alternative – Naturopathy.

Naturopathy is a more holistic approach to health – based on the concept that the human body has the natural ability to heal and balance itself. What is different about this approach, is that it focuses on the root of the problem instead of simply masking its symptoms. A Naturopathic Practitioner will meet with you and your child to do just this and recommend natural remedies such as nutrition and dietary supplements,  herbal medicine, lifestyle changes or other modalities.

Many times, it is the simple changes to a child’s lifestyle that will help his/her development. For example, research shows that adjusting a child’s intake of essential fatty acids, iron, and zinc, can in many cases help decrease the severity of ADHD related symptoms. Physical activity and sleep patterns are also important factors to consider. Naturopathic Practitioners work with families to formulate the best plan possible to meet the specific needs of each child to ensure comfortable management of both behavioral and cognitive development.

ADHD does not have to rule the lives of affected children and their families. In fact, many people have turned toward natural remedies and found that the result is a more normal life for them in the short and long run. In every case, there is always a holistic alternative that can dramatically decrease symptoms and establish a better equilibrium in the body. After all, our bodies are capable of amazing changes given the right nutrition and overall lifestyle ( and this goes double for children who are still developing)!

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