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Ray Of Light Wellness Weekend Getaways

Lorne Park Integrated Health would like to welcome Ray of Light – our Wellness and Meditation Experiences.

Ray of Light Wellness Weekend Getaways that include accommodation, breakfast, lunch and snacks along with recorded meditation sessions and workshops plus the option to book massage or osteopathic appointments. You’ll stay at Tiny Beaches Cottage Getaway on Georgian Bay.

Getaway Retreats are Scheduled for the Following Weekends:

  • March 15-17 with Kelley Rose, Osteopath
  • April 5-7 with Tamara, RMT
  • May 3-5 with Marcela, RMT
Rocks on beach

Here’s what our suggested weekend agenda looks like:

Woman meditating FRIDAY: Cleanse and Treatment

Arrive at 4:00 pm check in at Tiny Beaches Cottage Getaway at 589 Tiny Beaches Road North.

On your way up, stop at the Elmvale spring water station to fill up 7-10 liters of Ontario’s best water:

We suggest fasting from noon onward (drink only water), as the first day is the cleanse day.

4:00 pm onward: Settle in and walk along the beach on the Georgian Bay. In the evening, drink herbal teas (a variety of loose herbal teas will be available to you) and take this time to turn inward and reflect.

Registered massage therapy or osteopathy treatments are available upon request (treatment price is NOT included in the weekend getaway fee).

SATURDAY: Learning and Healing

Man is hot tub7:30 am: Have breakfast (tea, chia, hemp, oats, dry fruit, nuts, etc.) followed by a nature walk.

9:00 am: Listen to the first 1/2 of the workshop individually or in a group setting (snacks, fresh fruits, and vegetables will be provided during the breaks).

12:30 pm: Enjoy some lunch (delicious butternut squash soup). This will be followed by a nap or a walk in nature.

3:00 pm: Listen to the second half of the workshop followed by a walk in nature.

5:30 pm: Bond while preparing and cooking your dinner! Enjoy your own healthy meal (please bring your OWN ingredients or a MEAL KIT) (this is the only food that is NOT included in the getaway fee).

SUNDAY: Experience

Itinerary10:00 am: Check out after breakfast. On the way home, enjoy some local Georgian Bay experiences (go hiking, snowshoeing, skiing, or visit the Nordic spa VETTÄ on your way back to the city)

How to Register:

Register online on our Lorne Park Integrated Health booking system.
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The Ray of Light Weekend Getaway fee is $250.00 per person and is for a single room (promotional Spring 2024 pricing).

Family Beach Retreat

Tiny Beaches Cottage Getaway

Check for availability with Marcela.


3 Bedroom Unit

2 Bedroom Unit

Bachelor Unit

Join Us and Connect

Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.” Carl Jung

We invite you on a journey to get in touch with the world within you.

Join us on hikes with Mother Nature through beautiful trails in Ontario. Actively open yourself up and connect with your inner world. Reconnect with your breath and become aware of your senses. The inner self can then awaken and become a source of creation, inspiration, joy and self-love.

“Ray of Light” was founded by Terezia Lengyelova, a healer and spiritual teacher for over 30 years. Her teaching is based on the native art of traditional healing practiced across the Carpathian Basin in Central Europe. Under her guidance, we have been hiking and meditating in Ontario since 2004.

Regenerate & Restore Wellness

Ray of light techniques and meditations are used to regenerate and restore wellness. They can be experienced or learned at our one on one therapy sessions and workshops.

We’re Here For You

If you are seeking spiritual healing and fulfillment, “Ray of Light” is here for you. Contact Lorne Park Integrated Health today to get started.

Ray of Light Meditation Mississauga, ON | (905) 891-2288